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PureBeam Music: News

March 31, 2017


Pianist Ron Hart's indie label - March 30, 2017

Welcome to PureBeam Music - Pianist Ron Hart's indie label.

When using your android mobile phone, first expand each page slightly side-to-side, then scroll to the bottom of this page, which starts the automated music for this website. 

Download mp3s of pianist Ron Hart - March 29, 2017

Visit iTunes,,,,,, and other online music stores to download mp3 tracks or entire albums of pianist Ron Hart's music, such as "The Light Beyond the Atoms" and "April in Paris" CDs. 

To find the online page links for these albums, please click on our LINKS TO BUY page.

Request by Ron Hart - March 28, 2017

I'd like to tell you about what is happening to creators of music in today's marketplace.  Songwriters and composers register their works with licensing organizations such as ASCAP and BMI.  These organizations collect license fees and distribute them as royalties to the creators of the music. In the past, the listening public would buy CDs or digitally download albums or songs from sites such as, iTunes, and many other online music stores.  Now more and more people are choosing not to purchase music, but to listen to their favorite music on streaming sites such as Rhapsody, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Google Play Music. 

Each "play" on Rhapsody pays the songwriter/performer $ 0.0006 cents, or 6/10,000th of a cent.

Each "play" on Spotify pays the songwriter/performer $ 0.0005 cents, or 5/10,000th of a cent.

In order to make $ 0.01 on Rhapsody, the song would need to get 16.67 "plays."

In order to make $ 0.01 on Spotify, the song would need to get 20 "plays."

In order to make $100 on Rhapsody, the song would need to get 166,167 "plays."

In order to make $100 on Spotify, the song would need to get 200,000 "plays."

These percentages are a pittance of what songwriters and composers used to make as a result of album and digital download sales.  ASCAP and BMI are continuing to seek Congress to adjust these streaming music rates to benefit the creators of the music, not just the distributors which is now the case.  The U.S. Legislature is unsympathetic due to the influence of lobbyists for the music streaming companies.

I'm bringing this to your attention so that you might decide to support your favorite musicians, songwriters and composers by going to iTunes,, etc., and purchasing their music online as downloads or CD sales.  In this way, the creators of your favorite music can fairly benefit from their efforts.

Thanks for your support.  Ron Hart 

WGLT Jazz Next Podcast with Ron Hart - September 6, 2014

Streaming jazz radio WGLT posted online a podcast with pianist Ron Hart featuring the careers of Ron and bassist Gary Fitzgerald, as well as selections from their jazz CD, "April in Paris."

The podcast lasts about 11 minutes and we invite you to follow this link and give a listen. Thanks for your support.

June, 2013 Jazz Festival Appearance - June 18, 2013

Pianist Ron Hart and upright bassist Gary Fitzgerald performed at the Arcosanti Jazz Festival near Prescott, Arizona during Father's Day weekend on June 15-16, 2013. During the two day festival the duo performed songs from their April in Paris CD as well as other jazz standards. Ron and Gary also had the pleasure of playing with alto sax jazz great Richie Cole on the main festival stage.

"April in Paris" CD in DownBeat Magazine - August 12, 2012

DownBeat Magazine, the world's foremost jazz magazine, in its September, 2012 issue included the "April in Paris" CD by pianist Ron Hart and upright bassist Gary Fitzgerald. 

Cashbox Jazz Top 50 lists April in Paris - June 11, 2012

Cashbox Magazine listed the "April in Paris" CD by Ron Hart and Gary Fitzgerald in their "Jazz Top 50" airplay of new and current albums during April, May and June, 2012 by jazz stations in the U.S.

More radio play - April 6, 2012

WUCF 89.9 FM in Central Florida added the "April in Paris" jazz CD by Ron Hart and Gary Fitzgerald into their rotation in March, 2012.

April in Paris CD Review - March 12, 2012, a major online site for reviews of jazz CDs, has given the "April in Paris" CD by pianist Ron Hart and bassist Gary Fitzgerald a very positive review. Go to our REVIEWS page to read the review, or go to our LINKS TO OTHERS page and click on the link to read the online review there.

Radio Play - February 4, 2012

Streaming jazz radio WGLT has been giving 4 tracks from the "April in Paris" CD by pianist Ron Hart and upright bassist Gary Fitzgerald heavy airplay in their Monday - Friday 24-hr airplay, some days up to 5 plays. To listen to them on the Internet, the link for their GLT Jazz Playlists that they post several days in advance is:

Click on "GLT Jazz" on the left menu of the page. If you wish to support the music, you can email their Music Director, Jon Norton at

The "April in Paris" jazz CD by pianist Ron Hart and bassist Gary Fitzgerald is receiving airplay on San Diego radio station KSDS - FM Jazz 88.3. Feel free to email the station's Music Director to request hearing the album. Send your emails to Joe at: 

Hearts of Space ( online radio featured a track from Ron's recent CD, "The Light Beyond the Atoms" on archived show 889, "Wistful, an ambient jazz reflection for autumn." Appearing on the show with Ron are jazz greats Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Herbie Mann and Jan Garbarek. 

And please stop by the LINKS TO BUY page and click on one of the online stores that carry Ron's CDs.

April in Paris CD Released - October 21, 2011

The recording of the “April in Paris” CD has been a labor of love for pianist Ron Hart and upright bassist Gary Fitzgerald, and the overall effect of the music is joy, happiness and occasionally outright laughter. The style of playing on the album ranges from mainstream to progressive jazz, including six standards and five originals and features dynamic interplay between the grand piano and the upright bass. A uniquely playful jazz treatment of “Hit the Road, Jack” is the featured track on the CD.

The album is currently available at, and iTunes, as well as most online music stores.


1 April in Paris (Vernon Duke / E.Y. Harburg) 8:34 – The title track has many unexpected moments in this popular standard.

2 Sidney’s Soliloquy (Jimmy Wisner) 6:43 – This hauntingly beautiful song is one of Ron’s favorites. It was recorded in the early 1960’s by singer Mel Torme and again by pianist Teddy Wilson.

3 Night and Day (Cole Porter) 6:38 – This often-recorded standard is given a fresh treatment.

4 Hit the Road, Jack (Percy Mayfield) 3:54 – A completely new jazz rendition of this very popular song which highlights the rhythmic interplay between the bass and piano.

5 From the Heart (Gary Fitzgerald / Ron Hart) 9:47 – A result of allowing the music to play through them led the two musicians on a journey of deep peace and a sense of wonder and discovery.

6 The Sandbox (Gary Fitzgerald / Ron Hart) 4:26 – As the title implies, Gary and Ron put on display their inner kids, replete with buckets and shovels. WARNING: Outright laughter may occur.

7 Blues for Dr. Barcus (Ron Hart) 5:08 – Ron wrote this blues with an unusual time signature for his life-long friend, Bob Barcus.

8 Unshakeable Love (Gary Fitzgerald / Ron Hart) 4:43 – An expression of the longing for and pursuit of unconditional and eternal love.

9 Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis / Earl Brent) 6:05 – A beautiful standard saturated with sweet melancholy.

10 Middle East Solution (Gary Fitzgerald / Ron Hart) 9:37 – The timeless, undisturbed desert – people – the inevitable conflict – a hopeful resolution – the motionless desert.

11 My Romance (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart) 6:27 – The duo express their romance with this great art form – jazz.

Ron Hart received his BFA in Music Composition from Ohio University and did his post-graduate work at UCLA in Film Scoring during the mid ‘70s. Ron has played with a variety of music artists, beginning at age 19 with Dionne Warwick. His work as a jazz pianist continued with saxophonists Sonny Stitt and Richie Cole, bebop guitarist Bill deArango (Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker), trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison (Count Basie, Ben Webster), bassist Larry Klein (Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, Freddie Hubbard), and drummer E.W. Wainwright (McCoy Tyner, Earl “Fatha” Hines). PureBeam Music released in 2008 the popular CD by Ron, “The Light Beyond the Atoms,” a four-movement suite for grand piano with synthesizer orchestration.

Gary Fitzgerald began playing the upright bass while in the Air Force in 1963. He met Ron through jazz guitarist Bill deArango in 1971 and the two young men formed a jazz quartet and worked in clubs in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1972 Gary and Ron played in a trio with jazz drummer E.W. Wainwright and performed college concerts in Los Angeles. Gary later toured Europe with drummer Eddie Moore, violinist Michael White and woodwind player Russel Baba. He has also appeared with alto saxophonist Richie Cole, trumpeter Eddie Henderson, and was the bassist in African Roots of Jazz.

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